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We are currently Closed!  Our new site is under construction- Please excuse our mess.  Once all is in order products will be posted for next year 2018 but will not be for sale until next spring.  You may submit your info for our mailing list in the meantime if interested in getting our future newsletters.  There is no newsletter at this time but one will be made for the 2018 season and beyond.  You do not need to use the Login or Register buttons or create an account to buy from Diversity Acres but if you do no harm no foul.  Making a purchase from us automatically adds you to our customer list so we can contact you in the future if needed but we will not sell your information....period.  I will not be managing registered accounts and such information so you can ignore those features on the site and during checkout.  We will make an announcement if we begin using those features in the future for now do not worry about them.  The site is SSL secure for the entire checkout process though you will not be submitting any credit card info to Diversity Acres.  All that will be handled by PayPal once you get to the Payment section whereby you will be transferred to their system and under their SSL encryption.

I have noticed a bit of international interest and I am working toward being ready to take international orders but will not be doing so this season.  There are no real barriers to this I just need some free time to consider the reorganization and logistics to handle this.  With the iris season already moving fast with pre-opening day activities I don't want to commit to services I cannot adequately provide.  I hope this will not discourage those international customers I have seen register over the past weeks.  I am very excited to see such diversity in my potential customers and hope I can live up to expectations yet again in 2018!  Thanks!  Here's to hopefully  kicking off Diversity Acres 2018 season in a month or so!

We are currently in the process of posting sale items and prices to give our customers a preview of things for 2018.  Some final adjustments may be made once we get feedback from some hybdridizers on prices but as of now it is pretty close to what we expect for 2018.  Final stock assessments will take place in late winter to early spring for virginia but could be earlier weather depending.  Following this items will start to be available for pre-ordering. AIS picture links are provided in the item description for those plants we do not have a photo for. Thanks and Welcome!-Diversity Acres

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