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Product Code: IRIVR37U16

An assortment of 15 named irises from the unsold stock of local iris societies annual rhizome sales that need to find new homes.  These will not be labeled with "Diversity Acres" labels.   Names will be hand written in sharpie marker by those who prepped them for the annual sale.  Leaf fans will have some degree of brown on them since they will have been out of the ground for week or more once shipped.  Damaged, diseased or otherwise unhealthy rhizomes will be culled from the stock before bundling into assortments and label clarifications will be made where needed to the best of our abilities but it won't be perfect.  In general, all bundles will have some mix of the 6 classes of bearded irises though not all may be represented as the stock changes year to year depending on what is donated to the sale.  No bundle will be comprised entirely of one class unless by happenstance.  Cultivars will generally be those that are about 10+ years old and older but nice surprises will occur.  Names of growers will not be provided, even if known but a list of irises in each bundle can / will be provided prior to / with the order for consideration / customer records.