Ordering Infromation


Ordering Information

**Contact me to check on stock availability before you order.  I have small quantities of lots of cultivars.  Stock can sell out fast.  See contact information on order form. **

Ordering: You may make copies of the order form.  DO NOT send me credit card information PayPal handles this for me.  Direct questions on charges to them but please keep me in the loop concerning issues.  With any method below include cultivar names, how many, price and where to mail with a phone # and/or e-mail address so I can contact you to confirm information related to your order.  (Below you will find our downloadable file for 2018 once we are open.  When active just click on the link and save the file to your computer.  For now the links are not active since the catalog is being updated for 2018 but this is where you will find them when available.)

Order form: 

http://www.diversityacres.net/files/2018_Online_Catalog_Production_Master_Order_Form.pdf?1524933433 -Diversity Acres order form as found in the catalog will be listed here as a separate file.


http://www.diversityacres.net/files/2018_Online_Catalog_Production_Version_Booklet.pdf?1700738642 - This is a standard booklet catalog for those who like to flip through a nice formated booklet style catalog.  Print double sided and staple where indicated.


http://www.diversityacres.net/files/2018_Online_Catalog_Production_Verison_Flip_Book.pdf?1045873036 - This is a Flip-book style catalog with the pages formated in series so it is easily scrollable on your computer or other devices.  You can print it the same way as the Booklet file, staple where indicated and you will have a nice lay-flat catalog which can be folded in half, as a booklet, for easier stowing and carrying.  You decide what works for you.


Payment:  For Mail Orders: Checks, Money Orders, For Invoice: Electronic Payment forms and e-checks, On the Website: All electronic payment forms. No PayPal account needed.

Mail Order: Fill out an order form and check “invoice” or mail with your payment to the mailing address. The order form is optional any scrap of paper will do.  Your processed payment is your receipt indicating order acceptance.  Provide an e-mail for invoicing.  I will confirm your order if possible.  I don’t send spam or sell buyer info. All correspondence is at your request. Checks / M.O.’s payable to Diversity Acres.  

PayPal Invoice:  Send your order via e-mail, fax, phone or message it to me on the Diversity Acres Facebook page.  I will confirm all info and invoice you via e-mail.  Inlcude an active e-mail address for this option.

Website: Order online! It's easy!  I do not do invoicing via the website.  Make your selections, fill in your shipping info and proceed to PayPal to complete yor order payment.  Shipping will be calculated on the website based on the number of items in your cart.  The website will calculate in VA sales tax, where applicable, based on your mailing zip code. Once you complete the transaction on PayPal’s site you will be returned to my confirmation page.           

Outstanding Orders: Your order won’t be accepted and your irises won’t be shipped without full payment.

Canceled Orders: A restock fee of 25% of the paid order amount will be assessed on orders canceled after July 1st.  Your refund will be a check for the remainder after this fee is assessed.  Contact me to discuss an order before you decide to cancel to avoid this fee.  I prefer amended orders to full cancelations which can disrupt paid orders.

Shipping Dates: I start shipping after July 1st too all lower 48 states until all paid orders are filled and / or I sell out of plant stock for the season.  I am state Inspected and compliant for interstate shipping.  Tentative closing date for accepting orders is September 1st unless I have reaming plant stock.  I can adjust shipping dates somewhat after July 1st if needed.  Please let me know.

Shipping: (1-6 plants = $10, 7-15 plants= $14, 16 or more plants = $19)

No handling fee besides the unintentional difference between estimated vs. actual shipping.  All fees are USPS values rounded and adjusted to cover shipping to the furthest potential destination from my zip code.  Customers in zip codes 22191, 22192, 22193 and 22194 have the option of FREE shipping. Just write “FREE” on the shipping line of the order form and provide a phone number.  If convenient, I can deliver to addresses in these zip codes unless we arrange another safe delivery location. No orders may be picked up at my location per county rules governing my business entity.

Order form: Page 1-Figure order total with fees.  Page 2-Total additional selections here.  Put amount in page 2 "subtotal” box on page 1.  Page 3- Substitution list.

Extras/Bonuses: All orders will be compensated for shipping with 2-3 extras of Diversity Acres choice depending on availablity.  Shipping can usually be compensated mostly if not entirely within this range of extras.  Extras may be of irises included in your order or others in our collection for sale or otherwise.   Bonuses are given based on your iris total value before shipping is applied (ei. the “Page Total” line on page 1 of the order form).  Orders with "iris total" values up to $50 qualify for one bonus.  For every $50 addition value one bonus is given up to 4 bonuses maximum (ei; $250 order still gets only 4 bonuses).  Bonuses are our choice from our complete collection of cultivars.  There  will not be a visble calculation of this on the order form or the website.  Extras/ Bonuses will be determined and noted once we recieve the paid order in our office.  You will see it on the order form copy shipped to you with your irises.