Ordering Information


Ordering Plants:  All plants are shipped as bare root divisions.  You may use my order form or any scrap of writing material that is handy.  DO NOT send me credit card information PayPal handles this for me.  Direct questions on charge issues to them but please keep me in the loop.  With any method below include cultivar names, how many, price and where to mail with contact info to confirm order if needed.

Order form: 

Order Form PDF file  - Copies allowed but any writable paper will do, e-mail works well too. 


Payment: Checks, Money Orders and Electronic Payment forms via PayPal (no account needed).


Mail Order: Fill out your order and mail with your payment to Diversity Acres, P.O. Box 7136, Woodbridge, VA.  22195.  If sending no payment provide an e-mail address and I will invoice you otherwise make Checks / M.O.’s payable to Diversity Acres.  

Invoice:  E-mail, fax (call first), or call me.  I will confirm all info and send your order confirmation by e-mail with my PayPal "Pay Here" link.  Include your e-mail address on your fax for this option.  This confrimation e-mail serves as both receipt and invocie for your records and submiting payment if needed when some other way fails.

Website: Order online! It's easy!

1. Make your selections.  Your baskte open each time you make a selection.  When done you can click “View Basket” if needed toward upper left corner of your current page. 

2. Review your items in your basket.  Then select the correct shipping and enter any promo codes if applicable in boxes below your items.  Click “Update Basket” then “Secure Checkout” below the promo code area to proceed.

3. Fill in your contact and billing info, click applicable check boxes.  Click “Update Basket” then “Secure Checkout” near bottom of page to proceed to PayPal. 


Note: Once you complete the transaction on PayPal’s site you will be returned to my website.  Order confirmations will be e-mailed to you for your records and count as your receipt.  You can hit the back button on your browser at anytime during checkout to change anything even after you get bumped to PayPal but do this before you pay.  If there is some bit on info not provided or a minor change in anything just re-enter and hit update basket to proceed.   


Outstanding Orders: Your order won’t be accepted, and your irises won’t be shipped without full payment.


Shipping Dates:  All plant are ready to ship after July 1st though daylilies may be delayed a week or so longer if bloom has not subsided.  I ship to all lower 48 states until all paid orders are filled and / or I sell out of plant stock for the season.  I am state Inspected and compliant for interstate shipping.  Tentative closing date for accepting orders is October 1st to ship to southern states and nothern states is Spetember 1st.  For northern states please contact me to address your have planting concerns.  Please know your local weather patterns for planting and order accordingly.  I can adjust shipping dates somewhat if needed but please let me know in advance.


Combining Irises and Daylilies:   Bearded Irises, Crested Irises and Daylilies can be ordered together. Louisiana irises are shipped wet and can not be combined with any other irises or daylilies.  We are experimenting with different ways to packet wet and dry bareroot plants together as we talk with others in the industry so this may change at some point.


Shipping Charges:  As of 3/21/19 all shipping is done by weight to get USPS charges for all plants.  This is done automatically at checkout on the website and transfers over to PayPal.  All shipping is by priority mail.  You should not see any other charges for 1st class packages or other USPS rates do not choose anything but priority rates so you get your plants in 2-3 days.  I do price shipping a little above the actual by weight price so I can inlcude extras and be able to cover their added weight in your orders.  This is the reason for any differences you may see in my charges vs. rates on the USPS site price checker.  Most of the difference gets passed back to customers in bonuses and extras.   

**I have no handling fee besides the unintentional difference between estimated vs. actual shipping as decribed above.  All USPS rates are based on state and zip code. Customers local to my zip code of 22195 in Virginia may ask about free delivery.  This will be evaluated case by case based on safety and convenience for both Diversity Acres and the customer.**


Extras/Bonuses: All orders are eligible for a few extra irises of Diversity Acres choice depending on availability.  This year may be a little tight.  Extras are not guaranteed but we will make every effort each year to include some which may be of irises in your order or others in our collection.  All orders qualify for one bonus regardless.  For every additional $50 of irises ordered one bonus is given up to 4 bonuses total.  


an order with a $55 subtotal of irises still only gets 1 bonus

an order with a $250 subtotal of irises still only gets 4 bonuses

Bonuses are our choice from our full collection.  Extras / Bonuses will be determined once we receive payment and may or may not be noted on your packing slip.  These plants will be clearly labeled in the box.


Substitutions:  I will substitute an iris of equal or greater value for any irises I cannot provide at the time I dig your order.   With our wacky weather these days irises can suffer.  They can be doing fine one week and gone the next.  Should there be extenuating circumstances which keep me from providing you with a substitute iris I will communicate this to you prior to shipping your plants and resolve the issue to your satisfaction.